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I have started working in the studio! What an intense period! I’m currently busy recording the first three songs...
ALBUM „Open your dreams”

Dear all, it has been a while since I recorded the album “Open your dreams” for my friend. I couldn’t imagine that this gift would change my future so significantly. I wrote down, in the meantime between one job and another, all the songs I had been singing and I decided to record them.

In your hands, you are holding my first self-written album “OPEN THE DOOR”. A record that may came into being by the very skin of my teeth…

I devoted a lot of time to this album to guarantee the best quality of the material. It was a wonderful time for me! If you do what you love, you does not perceive it as work at all!

What are these songs about? Of course about love, betrayal, disappointment, hopes, in other words about the relationship between man and woman… about the never ending story called love… about life.

I wrote both music and lyrics for all twelve songs. I am the producer and publisher, but… I must say that a huge part of credit for their final sound take the MUSICIANS who accepted my offer to play for me. I would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Their excellent skills, experience, precision, passion they shared with me resulted in the best quality of the music. THANK YOU, my dear friends, that you didn’t perceive it as work – I can hear that and I hope the listeners will appreciate it.

I recorded the album in several recording studios in Warsaw and at United Records. Tom Coyne himself of the Sterling recording studio in New York City took care of mastering. He collaborates with the brightest of stars. It was him who has mastered all of Adele’s songs. He also works with Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga… and many others. In February this year he received another Grammy Award for his work. It had been my great dream that he would master my album and it came true! Thank you, Tom!

Because I released the record on my own, without the support of any record label, and I dedicated all my funds to it, I would like to thank all those who buy it, as they contribute to its distribution and promotion.

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Art has always needed sensitive and generous people - therefore I believe in your interest and really count on your support.

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Best regards,
Ava Milo