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I have started working in the studio! What an intense period! I’m currently busy recording the first three songs...
ALBUM „Open your dreams”
I would like to thank all those who have decided to buy my album “OPEN THE DOOR”. Thanks to you I can continue to create music. I recorded the album all by myself, without the help of any record label and that’s why the fact that you bought means so much to me. It will enable me to promote this and following recordings.

Each of them describes different emotions, events and situations.Thank you,

Ava Milo
I would like to encourage you to cooperation and to put ads on my website. The rates are quoted individually after sending the request and determining the details. I will be able to propose you various PR and marketing solutions. I would happily undertake also a talks about long-lasting cooperation with a company interested in patronage of art but I invite you also for one-time advertising.

Art has always needed sensitive and generous people - therefore I believe in your interest and really count on your support.

In all the matters regarding advertising or cooperation please contact by e- mail:

Best regards,
Ava Milo